How to receive Whaleblocks

WBS in your pocket !

Download Trust wallet

Install the app on your phone

Write down your secret pass phrase on a paper. Keep it secret, don't lose it, don't share it with anyone.

We can not recover your pass phrase

When you installed the wallet, you see the home screen. Go to the right top corner and open “configuration”

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen

On the bottom of the screen choose “add custom token”

Choose by network “Smart Chain”

at contract address you enter : 0x74e137E9aC2a7Bcd8d13FD20A6266E92eA352f2C

or scan the QR code.

Name: whaleblocks
Symbol: WBS
Decimals: 18

Congratulations you have now a Whaleblocks wallet.
choose the copy button to copy your wallet address and send it to us. So that we can send your tokens to your address.

It is in my pocket !

Welcome Whaleblocks token in my wallet