Everything about our bots

What coins are you trading?

We run 3 bots, 1 Bot is trading BTC, 1 Bot is trading ETH and an other bots is trading in USDT on the top 10 crypto coins (DOT, ADA, LINK, …)


How can i take profit

You can hold your Whaleblocks Token (WBS) and when you decide to take profits you can sell parts of it when the prices increases. You can sell this on the exchange: 


What is the strategie of the bot?

We can’t tell you that. The bot is looking to different indicators on different time frames. And looks to the trend.

Can i follow the trades that the bot does?

All trades are public and are updated in our online excel file. You can find that here:


How can i invest?

When you invest in our bot you get our Whaleblocks Token for the amount you invest. The price of the token you can see it here:


Why is your bot better than competitors?

Most of the time competitors sell you a bot that you have to configure. So you buy an empty box. Our bot is working with our own tested strategie. We tested this strategie for more that 3 years